WatchUs specializes in a few distinct, very good selling products that benefit just about every retail operation.

Our Cell Phone Accessories are just one of our high selling items. These program can be customized to fit a wide range of floor space options. From the free standing Lightning Bolt display, to End Caps and even smaller dump bins.


Die Cast Cars are one of our oldest products and another best seller. The selection is the key! Yes, it might be for kids, but we notice a lot of the 60s muscle cars are bought by, well, adults. These pull back racers aren’t just fun, the look great. Several different displays from permanent to cardboard emphasize the product and make it easy for refill.

Bar Display
Bar Accessories

Often seen as a seasonal display, in many areas a bar accessory display can generate healthy profits.

Winter Wear! For years we’ve been helping retailers big and small with seasonal specials like our winter wear line. Our buyers change this program every year to give your customers updated styles. We also keep the prices reasonable. This value proposition is something we’ve found will always work.